The Burbant Tower

The Burbant Tower, in anglo-norman style is registered as an important heritage monument in Wallonia. With a tower nearly 20 meters high and 14 metres wide and walls 4 metres thick, it was an important military fortification…

Its role was extremely important strategically for Budouin IV, count of Hainaut, who started its construction in 1166 in order to defend the northern frontier of his lands, strongly covetted by the neighbouring lords.

The tower was the centre point of the medieval castle. It was surrounded by several auxiliary buildings (lodgings, workshops,…) which formed the high courtyard. A low courtyard, protected by strong walls and a moat, completed the complex.

Surviving the events of the years gone by, it has become a superb educational site. It is a unique place, its stones living and transmitting their history through the ages !

From the top of the keep there is a superb view, allowing one to discover the present town. The main public buildings bear witness to the urban development and the extent of the old town can be seen from the form of the Vauban fortifications.

Practical information

To discover all year round by appointment. Length : 1hour 30 minutes





Guided tours (15 to 25 people)

4,5 €/pers. 

3,5 €/stud. 


Activity Historia games (5 h)


12,5 €/stud.





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