The Route of the Procession

The procession begins Sunday morning at 9:45 and ends around 15:00. It begins its traditional route from the train station and ends at the Esplanade. It travels (in this order) through Rue de la Station, Rue des Frères Descamps, Rue de Pintamont, Rue aux Gâdes, to arrive on the Grand Place. It then continues through the streets Rues de France, to Brantignies, to Moulin, to Nazareth, Haute and to Enghien, ending on the Esplanade.


In the afternoon, the procession retraces its route, traveling in the opposite direction. Around 17:00, it enters the Grand Place and continues towards the church of Saint-Julien, where the final dances take place. Mr. and Mrs. Goliath are then escorted by the cheering throng up to their hangar. Ends, 21:00.


If you come with children, please note the less crowded streets along the procession: Rue Haute and Rue d’Enghien.

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