Shop at the Maison des Géants (Giants’ House)
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A large choice of articles about Ath and, more particularly about the ducasse and about the giants, is available all year at the shop.
New items
Statuettes of Mr & Mrs Goliath

The shop at the Giants’ house now offers two original souvenirs to please all age groups – statuettes of Goliath and Mrs Goliath (in rubber).

Goliath measures 29cm and Mrs Goliath 27cm. Each statuette is now available.

Poster of the Ducasse 2023

The official poster of the Ducasse 2023 was created by Christophe Bultiau.


The exclusive oriflamme is composed of a strap with 2 rings. It is 180 cm long and 60 cm wide. It comes with bonus gifts.

2022 Calendar - DUcasse special

Notice to Ducasse fans: a 2022-100% Ducasse weekly wall calendar has just been released and is now available.

A countdown of the 100 days leading up to Ducasse 2022 has been integrated into the layout, as well as two little bonuses: a complete schedule of the year 2022 and a memo page with a series of useful addresses and phone numbers.  

2021 Ducasse poster

The official poster of the ducasse 2021 is available at the Tourist Office of Ath/Maison des Géants.

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