Discover unusual places with Totemus !

It’s the giants’ tradition which makes Ath so special. They appeared in the 15th century as part of a religious procession, which has expanded over the centuries to become a popular event, the Ducasse (UNESCO Heritage, 2005) so much looked forward to by the people of Ath.

You can discover the background of this festival as well as Ath through the centuries at the Maison des Géants, (Giants’ House) open all year. It is not uncommon to see other giants dancing in the villages during the good season. Here, people have the taste of the festival and like to share it. In two of the surrounding villages, Moulbaix and Ostiches, your attention will no doubt be attracted by two windmills, which still work. That’s what makes Ath, capital of the green land, a unusual destination.

Take part in the treasure chase with Totemus and discover Ath as you’ve never seen it.

Along a 3.7 km route learn more about the giants and the heritage by solving some puzzles, an amusing and fun way to to discover the streets and alleys in an other way.

Amusement guaranteed, alone with family or friends….

Totemus chases are part way between treasure hunts and géocoaching. The application is 100% free and available on GooglePlay and AppStore.

What to do ?

  • Dowload the application on your smartphone/iPhone
  • Make a user name and password
  • Choose the hunt which interests you

You’re ready !

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